Best Free Software for Windows

The open source movement isn’t just confined to Linux distributions. There are a lot of great Windows applications that are both free and open source. This means that their code is accessible to the public and can thus be audited by thousands of skilled developers. This, all the same, makes them more secure, feature-laden and better compared to most proprietary software programs available in the market. With these open source programs, you won’t be coming across any malware or adware targeted to exploit or monetize you.


VLC needs no introduction. It’s a double-edged Swiss knife that slays all video format without favor or discrimination. If you’re keen on playing DVDs and all sorts of video files on your Windows PC, you need to get VLC. It’s free and you don’t even have to install any additional codecs.

Mozilla Thunderbird

There are scores of email clients that you can choose from, but none better than Thunderbird. Developed by the Mozilla Corporation, which also makes the popular Firefox browser. Since Thunderbird is open to add-ons, users can add all sorts of functionality, including the likes of chat support, calendar integration and many more.


If you happen to be a graphic artist or painter, Krita is the open source application that you’re looking for. Developed by the KDE community, this cool app works as an image editing software providing competent functionality when it comes to sketching, drawing and creating works of art. It provides support for touch-based devices through Krita Sketch. This app’s overflowing features makes it a must-have resource.


If you’re a web developer, graphic designer, webmaster or anyone else who sometimes needs to upload or download files to and from a remote server, FTP is the robust, light-weight client application that you’re looking for. This free app offers a multitude of features that makes it super easy for you to connect to a server, access and manipulate files.


This is a ‘mind mapping’ software application that generally enables you to piece ideas together. Ideally, you can create maps quickly, just like you might be able to do on a whiteboard. You’ll find this application particularly helpful with planning small projects, or assembling the accessories of a writing project. Since this application is built on Java, you’ll need to have the Java Runtime environment installed on your Windows PC. Make more sense of your ideas with this cool program.


If you’re like most other PC users, you have stores of passwords that you use on a daily basis. Sometimes, it can be quite a task trying to remember all of these whenever you need to log in somewhere. KeePass is an essentially open source application that lets you manage all your usernames and passwords in one place. This great app keeps them all in one place.


HealthMonitor helps you monitor the health of your PC. This application will identify shutdowns and other common system issues and give you an alert. The program displays a popup if your PC’s memory gets past a certain percentage figure, or if your hard drive has less than 10 GB worth of storage space. All this can keep you out of trouble getting things done on your computer.